Be Bonita With Viviane


Virtual Beauty Session (Makeup Tutorial + Skincare Consultation) 90min $117

During this makeup + skincare consultation, we will discuss your goals and ideas. You will receive advice on how to recreate the looks and what products are needed.

By sharing my beauty, make up and skincare approaches, I will help you to declutter the information overload in the world of beauty. I recommend tried & true tools/products to design a regimen that is customize for you and your needs.

Once we have reviewed your needs, we will pick up the brushes and play makeup.

Virtual Beauty Session 60min $27

In a one-on-one beauty consulting session we will discover exactly what cosmetics and beauty points we need to apply to you. Not every woman’s body is the same. Each is unique and therefore requires unique cosmetic and skincare products. There are no blanket rules that apply to every skin type and every face shape.

That is why it is important to use a “beauty coach.” My tips and coaching are customized and personalized to you and only you.