Viviane is a make-up master. As a person who prefers a more natural look she knows how to highlight my features with celeb style but I never feel overdone. The best part is she focused on skin care first and not just the make-up. Every time I need to be photo ready, I call Viviane and she always delivers.

Jamila Payne

CEO, Ideas Action Design

Viviane is a very influential live streamer in the beauty industry. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her multiple times in New York City and San Francisco. She did my make-up for the inaugural Periscope Community Summit in New York City during which I had to be onstage constantly. Viviane also did my make-up for Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco. She’s become my go-to make-up artist and healthy skin specialist. I run all my beauty purchases by her before investing in a product. With more than 15 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry and with an amazing mission of empowering women, she should be every woman’s go-to ga.

Cathy Hackl

Live Video, PR & Social Media Speaker

Having your makeup done by Viviane isn’t just beautiful, it’s an experience! She goes above and beyond making you feel like the Queen of the day! Her talent and professionalism are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My makeup was flawless. I received so many compliments well into the night. She is fantastic and a gem in the live video beauty community.

Amber Aziza

CEO and Biz Coach of Asquaredcoach.com

Viviane is the reflection of true beauty, both inside and out! She has a knack for bringing out your personal “bonita” and making you feel beautiful! She has done my makeup several times- she has amazing equipment and products and really brings out your true “bonita”. Vivianne helps you embrace being the best you that you can be!

Jana Steal

CEO, Steals.com

I met with Viviane and had a fantastic experience chatting with her about my skin. I am turning 39 in a few days and I am a little more aware of my skin changing. Viviane was very supportive and knowledgeable when it comes to preventative skin care. What I loved about the consultation was the inspiration I got to keep my skin in great form as I move into my forties. I actually felt it was very possibly to have fresh soft skin everyday! With her tips I feel it isn’t going to be as hard to maintain my skin and take care of it going forward. Viviane gave me simple solutions that I can work into my hectic schedule, so I feel relieved and excited to keep my skin young looking! Thank you Viviane for your sweet, yet practical advice!

Sky Marcano

Clothing Designer. Huffington Post Blogger