Viviane Aires is a makeup and skincare expert enabling women and men to realize the full potential of their inner and outer beauty.  Having specialized in skincare for over 14 years now Viviane was just a little girl when she received her first beauty lessons.  The classes met in her home in Bahia, Brazil.  Viviane would diligently watch her mother spread deep reds and burgundies across her lips and cheeks before heading to the market for fresh bread and vegetables during the week.  On Saturdays, as her mother did chores around the house, Viviane would breathe in the scent of her perfume, which always smelled of sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine and rose. At night, Viviane would watch her mother – no matter how long a day she’d had – wash her face before bed. Those early lessons filled Viviane with a passion for beauty and self-care that burns just as brightly today as it did years ago when eagerly collecting her mother’s secrets.



Viviane Aires Founder of Be Bonita



“Your skin is your best accessory,” Viviane often says.  “Consistent care leads to healthy happy skin.  Healthy happy skin is a blank canvas on which you can showcase the real you, the you that resides inside, eager to step out into the world, fully aware of your beauty.”




In addition to those early moments of education in Brazil, Viviane has gained skincare expertise in Montreal, Panama, Tahiti, Italy and Bermuda, observing each country’s fashion, beauty, and skincare trends.  Her lifelong study, diverse international experience (including her own beauty pageant participation in Brazil and modeling/dancing career in Japan), and cosmopolitanism make Viviane Aires a beauty expert of top caliber.

Growing up as a teen in Brazil, Viviane experienced first-hand the pressures society places on girls developing into women. As a woman of color pursuing a modeling career in Brazil, despite her natural beauty, Viviane was constantly critiqued for not being thin or tall enough.   But, enough for whom? The day she recognized these pressures for what they were – projected external insecurities having nothing to do with her actual beauty, goals, or dreams – was the day Viviane that she was enough.  She began recognized and cultivated her real potential and beauty and began transforming her life. Since then, she has helped hundreds of men and women do the same – beginning with teaching them sustainable skin and self-care habits.

Viviane Aires

Committed to a lifelong process of formal education and hands-on experience, as a member of The Powder Group and a certified Temptu airbrush makeup artist, Viviane ensures her clients the best possible skincare and makeup services. In addition to being the lead makeup artist for the Drexel Fashion Show 4 years in a row, she has worked alongside Philadelphia’s most prominent dermatologist, Dr. Susan Taylor. She has received a five-star rating for skincare services at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Philadelphia, and overseen the skincare department for Delaware Valley’s Currie Hair, Skin, & Nails prestigious day spa. She was the lead makeup artist for the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference 2014.Today, in addition to being the founder of Be Bonita!, beauty and lifestyle blog/brand, Viviane still works as a freelance educator for Clarins international skincare line and  Comfort Zone.