Viviane Aires

Skincare and makeup expert, Viviane Aires, is the founder of "Be Bonita!," a women's lifestyle brand.

"I had such a delightful experience working with Viviane for my special day. From the initial consultation, to the trial, and then the wedding day, her professionalism and warmth were self-evident. I was able to communicate my wedding day vision, and she brought it to life. My make-up really complimented my gown; I felt glamorous and beautiful. Furthermore, my Maid-of-honor, who rarely wears make-up, didn’t feel overwhelmed and unlike herself, but instead, radiant and confident. I was also blown away at how stunning my mother was. We all received so many compliments! I so look forward to working with her in the future."

LaRissa M. Sappington  

""Viviane took care of my skin and created a natural, truly exceptional look for my wedding! My skin and make-up were flawless, bold and beautiful. Thank you Viviane for making my day so special. Looking forward to working with you again." Ahema"

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